Constructed Mythology

a dark and horrid night
Unfortunate fate and horrid fright
A man of fire and of ice
cries a song into the night
Cries the evning's tears away
until the earth begins to sway
Then the eve ends with light
As the storm leaves with all of fright
Twas a child of love and songs
All the earth joins to prolong
As the child was of signs
The people sees the Horzon line
The Man of fire and ice
Leaves to find another night
The god that sits upon the earth
The one of fire that gave birth
His heart was warm, his voice
So soft, so proud, they rejoiced
"Be Proud! Be Proud! A god is born!"
But the god, an evil scorns
Of Ice and death lies Fyrellin Dea
The darkest witch of the whole blue sea
twas evil's scorn of her own eyes
that lead her to use disguise
But her own eyes of great disgust
as she sees the child not just
Her mind kept rambling on and on
until she started an evil storm
The child unbroken, the child unharmed
now lies with the witch in her wraggled arms
She jumps with joy, she jumps with glee
Until the father, the man she sees
She fears her life, with the child in arms
she decides to try and the child she harms
The leg, he's lame, the not ever weak
He cries "Help!" For the witch so meak
The father comes to his own son's aid
as he strangles the witch and destroys the cave
The father so big, so horrid, so strong
He named his son Tegsmdom