Constructed Mythology

  • English translation of “Arrrrwwwwkk Wraaaarkkwkkka”


A species of highly primal demonic entities that haven’t evolved in over a million years.

Live in a dimension of eternal flames, they are a war mongering race that will gladly be lead by their leader, who they consider a god, into battle.

Every thousand and seventy two years, they emerge from their fiery plane and attempt to conquer the strongest army they can find, ravaging the land in the process.

Tarnis demons are superior in strength to any Frayi demon , hide can absorb blows of high velocity, and each can emit a bellowing call which creates a portal to their homeland, calling more of their kind to battle.

Posses long retractable talons, red reptilian skin, stand in at about 5 meters high, all vital organs are found in a large cluster in the middle of their chests, protected by armour, and are invulnerable to fire, high pain threshold. Feed on the thrill of the kill.

Not particularly smart, but cunning in the art of warfare.

Notable also for all possessing the same name, believing it helps create unity.

See: Tarnis the Heinous