Constructed Mythology

Taiyo no Mihashira (Pillars of Sun) is a feaudal pocket realm in ever changing Silhouette World, the west of mainland. Taiyon no Mihashira once locked in civil wars that last for generation, until Kageyama Daise unified the realm and become emperror.

Taiyo no Mihashira has contact with Machine Tower since reign of Nagare Daise, grandchild of Kageyama. Fascinated by Towerian's Automatons, people of Mihashira invent similar weapon known as Kikojin. Unlike their automate relative, Kikojin are directly controled by shaman with spiritual power. While are not as numerous, the Kikojin perform better than most automatons, often armed with complex built-in weapons system.



Majority of people in Taiyo no Mihashira are humans. There are tribes of savage Oni scatter in uncivil territory.

While people of Mihashira aren't hostile toward other races, they have strict laws that disallow foreigner to permanently stay in the land.


The sun goddess Amaterasu is widely worship by people of Mihashira. The shamans of Amaterasu, lead by figure known as Messanger of Sun, are protectors of the land against maelovent super-natural force.

There are cult worship moon lord Tsukuyomi, although they're consider as heresy by most. Ironically, cult of Tsukuyomi was once sect of Amatersau and their shamans were once fight against demonic force together. The shamans of Tsukuyomi, however, were shunned by royal because of their association with darkness in contrast to their "light" counterpart of Amaterasu. Eventually, the Tsukuyomi sect rebel against lod of Mihashira and threaten to unseal the gate of underworld. Regretfully, shamans of Amaterasu were forced to subdue the rebel Tsukuyomi and the two sect become sworn enemies.

There are several minor gods, divided by two categories, the heavenly Amatsukami and the earthly Kunimitsukami. The term "minor" is actually mislead, some of these gods, notable Susano-o of storm, are said to be as powerful as Amaterasu herself.