Torch Maiden

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Sylph (also called sylphid) is a mythological creature. They are non-violent. They do as they are told by the ones that can catch them. They have the power to start tornadoes, hurricanes and any other wind type natural disaster. They are good in nature. Since the early 21st century they have lived in Axelissis. They have a lot of magic. They glow with a many different colors. Their queens name is Feila. She is a red sylph and glows with a red light. She has been the queen ever since the first queen, Saliesit, was killed by witch hunters in the year 1994. Sylphs are female and are almost transparent. They're slender and graceful, with large glistening eyes and huge wings. Sylphs create giant artistic clouds in the skies with their airy wings. Some tales tell us that if you listened carefully, they would talk to you on the wind as it passed through caves and caverns. They appear to humans as the classic image of fairies. They often live for one thousand years and never show signs of growing old (stays young in appearance).