Constructed Mythology

Sultan of the sprawling Tas Solarieen dimensions, it would be nice to report this character is poorly named. He isn’t.

Glutton takes more then his fair share in everything he does. He has contributed nothing to his bustling metropolis, yet lives in decadence deep within his literal ivory castle.

He eats at least ten hefty meals a day, and has also reached such a robust figure, his girth is greater then his height and so he must be (or choses to be) carried wherever he goes.

However, so far he is seems only a morbid example of most born into higher places. He has an even uglier side. While not an especially powerful conjurer himself (although don’t be fooled, he can hold his own), his obedient council is and have made ever miracle happen for him.

He retains eternal youth from the regular sacrifice of young boys, and routinely partakes in his favourite hobby: public torture.

He is a member of The Six (to their annoyance, as he is both a human and a spoiled whiny idiot), providing much monetary resources.