Constructed Mythology

The Strongbow Dynasty is the ruling dynasty of Vashcess since it's founding, making it the oldest royal family in the world of Adyr. All members of the house, aside from royalty, became known in any filed of military, politics and diplomacy of Vaschess. The founder of the dynasty is Basir I, also known as Basir the Conqueror.

The name Strongbow came from Basir's father whose name is Strongbow. Like the name implies, he is a well known archer and marksman of bow and arrow.

Monarchs of Vaschess[]

  • Basir I, known as the Conqueror
  • Basir II
  • Basir III
  • Basir IV
  • Basir V
  • Basir VI
  • Basir VII
  • Basir VIII
  • Basir IX
  • Basir X
  • Basir XI
  • Basir XII
  • Basir XIII
  • Basir XIV
  • Basir XV

Heir Apparent: Chief Prince Basir Strongbow, (born in Dec. 16, 991)


  • All kings of Vashcess have used Basir as his regal name.