Constructed Mythology
Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You are a waterbird in a lake called Loeke. You are happily flying beneath lake surface when suddenly you see a lomh reading a newspaper called ‘’Weekday Here’’.

  • ‘’By Duo, goddess of beautiful poetry, a lomh! I hope it is a friendly one

He is reading a strange paper, you can read something about some beings named humans. It is the paper: click here to read it.

You just ignore it and you continue your flight. Later you can hear a strange sound, it is like an explosion. A strange being has fallen from sky.

  • Would it be a god or some sort of celestial creature

You get closer, flying away from water, it looks like a metallic rock. It would be a meteor, but then suddenly a living creature appears from the "meteor" thingy. You do not know what to do. The being looks at you, he can feel your close breath, but you are invisible.

  • Who is there? the being says.

You can understand what he says, because you are a waterbird, and you can "feel" what he wants to say.

You answer with a magical song. This magical song can be understand by any living being, because it goes right to the heart.

I am a magical water bird,

I came coz a boom I heard.

I can feel all your heart beats,

Waterbird have enchanted beaks

that let them to sing to your heart.

that let them to know what you want.

Stranger please tell me what was that boom,

That kind of sounds always bring us doom.

The stranger can not believe what is happening. He feels how your words enter his heart, and he can feel some special link with you.

  • Oh! Where are you bird? I can not see you, but I can feel your magical verses. Please come here, I have a big idea... I will take you with me, we will be rich! An enchanted bird that sings magical songs that humans can feel! People will pay a lot of money just to listen your songs!

What will you do?

  • You will let the human to take you
  • You will fly away back to the lake
  • You will stay right there, you want to know more about that being