Constructed Mythology

Left-handed goddess of Isoe. According to uulis, creator of the universe, according to waterbirds, one of its co-creators.


Invisible except for gods and godesses. Slightly transparent for uulis.


Able to create anything by describing it if the description rhymes. This should break the real physical laws. If she describes a physical law in verse it is also created. Able to make that something doesn't happen if it rhymes with "Make imposible".


Needs rhyme to use powers. Can't undo own physical laws, as that requires that at least the half of all creatures on Stocuce vote for doing so.


She has created more than 1,211 of them.

Allies and Enemies[]

Has created the needed friendships to not have any enemies.


According to waterbirds, she lives on Stocuce. According to some uulis she created the universe by a mistake in the year -1,211.

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