Constructed Mythology

The animals that live in Stocuce are:


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Lomhs (lohm is prounced [lohm], i.e. [loh] closing your mouth immediately after) are in the family of dragons, but instead of fire, they have a sticky poison in their mouth. They can eat animals they kill with it because it isn't poisonous for themselves. They can also use it as spiders use their webs, even under water, that is how they catch fishes in lakes. Lomh from Loeke


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They are transparent and they can survive the bith of a lomh. They also have a strange sense that tell them where everything is. Waterbird


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They are invisible, except for other y:lis. They can heal other y:lis and sometimes also cratures that aren't y:lis, both if these are sick or hurted, but not themselves. Waterbirds can't see them, but know where they are. Y:lis pronounce the word y:li as ['y:li].

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