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Stocuce is a planet in the Lel Solar System in the NGC 1219 galaxe in Pegasus: Constructed Mythology. It contains a roleplaying maze that it is not possible to go home from using normal rocket motors.

I do not think some characters should be directly interested in harming others, so I think it could be a good idea to apply the NSFW idea.

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  • Introductions (The story that appears just after choosing an animal) should appear as Stocuce/Race
  • A chapter should appear as Stocuce/Race/Place
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Stocuce is a planet created in the Lel System (its sun is Lel) as the Earth is in the Solar System. Stocuce has two moons and one of theese has also a "moon". The atmosfere of Stocuce is made of hydrogen, helium, oxygen and water that is normally liquid, but sometimes gas because of heat from being burned hydrogen.


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Stocuce pronounced ['stoz.yz.ε] is a place where you can find the following animals:

  • y:lis invisible except for other uulis,
  • lohms blue dangerous reptils, usually found in lakes,
  • and waterbirds, the only animals that can survive being bitten by lohms. Some people think they can see lomhs.
  • There are also humans who have come to the place by Space Craft.

Roleplaying maze[]

Roleplaying maze of Stocuce:

Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Which animal would you be in the story?

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