Constructed Mythology
Stak color

My pencil sketch plus the magic of digital editing.

Descendant of Esyrias, therefore related to Avran. Lives in "modern times". Easily my favorite character. Stak is technically named Stak il'Cor, but since he isn't aware of the house name for so long, he rarely uses it.

Fighting Style[]

Stak is an incredibly versatile fighter. He can use both fire and dark magic. His basic fighting style involves heating his longsword till it glows and then attacking enemies directly. Later on, more advanced techniques such as teleportation are added to his repertoire. His movement is very agile, and he relies mainly on dodging and deconstructing magical assaults. His natural regeneration is quite poor. It can heal minor wounds well enough, but even a single solid hit to the body will put him out of commission for an extended time. His direct healing ability is likewise low. He must be able to see the affected area and concentrate intently. His healing is also incredibly inefficient, and requires power out of proportion to the effect. If he is not careful, Stak usually ends up cauterizing wounds rather than mending them, and so prefers not to do any healing at all, except in extreme emergencies.


Original pencil sketch.


Stak is cool and controlled, especially during the first story arc. He suppresses his emotions to an incredible extent. On a few occasions, anger overcomes his control. Whenever that happens, stuff dies. At heart, Stak is very lonely. He prefers to be in the company of his friends at all times, and can get melancholy, especially when alone. Those who understand this, or come to understand it, are closest to him.

Personal History[]

NOTE: This section is largely unclear, and subject to complete change at any time, if I so desire.

Stak was born in the village built around the Obsidian Tower. He was an abandoned child, and was never completely certain who his parents were, though he guessed. He befriended another such child, Vessan, and for a time lived on the streets. Eventually, he met Verdas Runesayer, a visiting mage from Magas Firale, who recognized great potential in both of the boys. Stak learned much from him, but was left behind as Verdas and Vessan left for the Invincible City.

Stak unintentionally released the demons from their prison, and fought for a time for both sides in the ensuing conflict. Though he befriended and learned from the demons, he eventually left.

After this, Stak wandered Kaile for a good while. He encountered and befriended Falkk. This part is pretty uncertain. He generally got better at fighting.

The story picks up again as Stak enters the Elven civil war. More details maybe later.

Editor's note: Blargh! There's a lot more but it's a bloody mess... I need a break before I can write any more. It's incredibly hard to condense all this, since there's so much stuff about this guy... Too much.