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Squirrels are an undeniably ingenious race, their capital city a wonderous labrinth of mechanical structures and hanging platforms. Though they prefer solitude to others, Squirrels are still one of the most fascinating races of Fubadubia.



Squirrels stand upright surprisingly enough, and have opposable thumbs and humanoid bodies, unlike the squirrels that most humans know. Fubadubian squirrels do however have large, bushy tails and brown fur. Squirrels usually have thin and delicate frames, making them excellent rogues, ninjas and assassins. The differences between Male squirrels and females are clearly defined, much like humans.


Squirrels love nuts. It's a racial trait. Some say they just like the sound a nut makes as it's shell smashes into millions of pieces, but most Squirrels admit that they like to eat nuts as well. Because of this, nuts are prized and Squirrels who farm nuts make heaps of money. Of course, Squirrels are omnivores, so they'll eat meat as well, though they prefer their meat cooked. The idea of eating raw flesh utterly disgusts Squirrels.

Another aspect of squirrel culture revolves around machinery, inventing and electronics. When it comes to these three things, Squirrels are way ahead of any other race. Squirrels are naturally curious, which leads to some strange things. Squirrels have been known to replace limbs with mechanical ones, boasting greater strength and control than organic ones.

Squirrels still worship Nut, their goddess, though not fanatically. The royal guards, protectors of the Squirrel leader, are apparently designed to look like Nut herself (they're mechanical, but one could maybe see the resemblance if they'd ever seen nut).


Squirrels are mainly situated in Techno town, though like so many other races, they can be found in many other places.

Notable squirrels[]

Gearmaster Gyroflax: Leader of the Squirrels. Gravely wounded in a war, with the only hope for him being a mechanical replacement for the lower half of his body. Vastly intelligent, even for a Squirrel.