Constructed Mythology

Space Melee takes place in the Patromic Galaxy far from the Milky Way. The planets of Kordata and Galaxa even have their own empires. Therefore Galaxans and Kordatans are the dominant species. Many other planets and moons exist here.


The ancient Chosuuni Grand Duchy and the Acrator Empire fought for territories, but in their heyday, the Kordatan Empire and the Galaxan Royal Empire formed. They fought for everything and finally the Galaxans' stock market crashed and Kordata took Galaxa. The Kordatan Prime Minister Akikyo Uchiha declared that the Imperial Power be to the people and not to the emperor. Finally, Kordata became a constitutional monarchy and it reigned until the End of All Peace War and all hell broke loose.


Kordatans, Galaxans, Pakhchah, Kamyamtaktar, K'eahu, and inifintes amounts of species are in the Space Melee saga.


Corporal Yuri Kentsu of the Kordatan Imperial Marine Corps was the main hero of war when he won the congressional medal of honor after he beat off mechanical forces on the bombed planet of Lachinda. Kordatans praise their colonial heritage and honor the first emperor, Toro Aiyoto for helping salvate from teh Galaxan King, Sardium Leviticus.