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Fueled by a savage thirst for souls, the Soul Harvesters will resort to any means in order to get what they want. Allied with the Azuncians, Soul Harvesters are now one of the most dangerous races in Fubadubia.

Soul Harvesterthumb


Soul Harvesters always have pink or purple skin and gleaming yellow eyes. They're a tall, thin race with athletic builds and sharp sickles at the end of their arms, making them even more deadly. They can retract these sickles and replace them with hands if need be, though they much prefer their brilliant weapons to hands.


Soul Harvesters are gifted with a gruesome ability. If when fighting, a blow from their sickles would kill an enemy, they instead rip their opponent's soul from his/her body and either feed on it or store it for later. This is why they prefer to attack from short distances, as using arrows won't steal them any souls.


Soul Harvesters win their battles by stealing souls, but when fighting beings like machines, undead or Shells, there are no souls to steal, and the Soul Harvester's trump card is rendered useless.


It is a sad thing, but Soul Harvesters are a cruel people, even outside of battle. They teach their children to be cruel, and only those soul Harvesters who are taken away from their race at birth may grow up to be honorable people. Soul harvesters do practice a sort of cannibalism, although they devour other's souls rather than their flesh.


The location of the Soul Harvester capital city is currently unknown, as many tribes of Soul Harvester are scattered across Fubadubia.

King Fleshflay[]

Without a doubt the most cruel, black hearted Soul Harvester to ever exist, Fleshflay is unimaginably cruel, even to his followers. Even worse, he is a master tactician and very pragmatic. He's also very hard to kill, having escaped certain death at least five times in his life. Although he is not as powerful as Azuncazunc, the demon lord saw Fleshflay as his equal due to his ruthlessness and intelligence. His son, Stanley is one of the few honorable Soul Harvesters alive, as well as the founder of FAPR.

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