Constructed Mythology

The Union of the Children of the Sun, (also known as Solar Union or Children of the Sun) is one of the major political faction in the world of Adyr. It's an alliance of the worshipers of the Sun God, Cadoc, and their main objective is to spread his worship all over the world of Adyr. This put them at odds with the Lunar League who worship the Mistress of the Moon, Madonna.


The members of the Solar Union are:

  • Anubites
    • Salaman Clan led by Chief Horthog
    • Plainrunners led by Indica the Wild



The Union is a mutual alliance of the worshipers of the Sun God, dedicated to spread his realm as well as those of his children. They have no central executive body to speak of, though the leaders of each nations and factions has what they nicknamed the Circle of the Sun'. It is the congregation of these leaders every twice a month where they discuss their concerns and their ongoing war with the Lunar League. Since the dominant race of the Union are the Tighearnachs, they have far more voice in the Union, not mentioning the have bulk of the Union army itself.