Constructed Mythology

Slinkra are ferret-like creatures who are skilled mages.


A slinkra wizard.

Slinkra Warlock

A slinkra warlock with overgrown teeth.


They are large ferret creatures who can talk, read and write. They are generally peaceful but compete in magical duels for fun. All can use magic and most carry a wand or staff.


Peaceful but into magical duels. Can speak in many animal languages.


Are very skilled mages. Can puff up their cheeks like hamsters' to float around, which they can do for up to an hour. Slinkra skilled in cheek-floating can take the risk of floating to the Isle of Mountana.


  • Because their arms and legs are so short, they aren't good with hand-to-hand fighting (although they can whip you in the face with their tails).
  • Their teeth constantly grow and to keep them in check slinkra must gnaw on wood and rocks. If they let their teeth grow then they'd look stupid. Apparently, if a slinkra never gnawed in his life he'd have teeth three metres long.


They live on the Isle of Lone, in four tribes:

  • Janian Tribe: A tribe of witches and warlocks who live in villages along the edge of the Lake of Janus.
  • Ed Tribe: A tribe who live in the magiteknological Ed Town.
  • Sandgale Tribe: A tribe who live in Sand City in the Sandgale Desert.
  • Laputan Tribe: A tribe who live on the Laputus Mountain.

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