Constructed Mythology

The Siloz are a race of humanoid creatures that are very intelligent. They are normally female, they usually become scientists, scholars, teachers, architects and inventors. The Siloz live in Arloa south of Turok.

About the Siloz[]


The Siloz have been involved in many wars, often fighting Dero's forces from Turok. Th Siloz have also fought the race of evolved Goblins.


The Siloz are one of few known races of Myth Casters. They can cast healing magic and water magic. They require blessing from a Myth Temple to do so though.


The Siloz used to speak their own language but the writing these words were written on were lost. so they learnt to speak English.


The Siloz are normally female. They prefer wearing travelling clothes and boots. They are about the same height as Humans.