Constructed Mythology


The Sildansi were a race of shapeshifters who lived in the land of Akira. In their rarely seen true form, they had humanoid silver skin and golden eyes. They frequently wore black or white robes, which were made of a special fabric which would change with them. They carried magical staffs as weapons.


The Sildansi lived in the Siershan mountains, and very rarely journeyed through the rest of Akira, except during important times. The Sildansi found many magical plants and other things in the mountains.


Of all the races of Akira, the Sildansi were the ones most connected to its magical power, which gave them their shapeshifting abilities. It was considered an honor to be taught magic by a Sildansi.

The Sildansi created many powerful spells, some of which were used by others in Akira, others of which were so powerful that they were only cast in times of dire need.

The Sildansi were also extremely skilled in crafting magical objects, such as staffs and rings.


The Sildansi were one of the first races of Akira. Akiran lore says that the Sildansi were an advanced race long before the beginnings of the others.

The Sildansi lived prosperously for many years, until the race of Hantaronians came. They were a dark, barabaric race, who waged war on the Sildansi, believing that all magic was to be feared and hated. The Hantaronians were vanquished from the island in an alliance between the Sildansi and the Myrakan, the desert people.


When the Archmages of Akira, an order of the most powerful wizards in the land, were formed, a Sildansi named Xarentos became one of the more well known Archmages. Xarentos was credited with creating a spell of light, which was cast to vanquish the darkness when The Great Shadow came, controlled by the dark lord Nekonai.


The Sildansi then discovered the many magical plants and crystals that grew in the Siershan Mountains. They made their homes there. When the Great Shadow descended upon Akira, the Sildansi came out of hiding to help battle against it.


The Sildansi have continued to live in the Siershan Mountains, although recently they have been seen in other places.