Constructed Mythology

Male and Female Shokan in their natural, naked body.

A Shokan is a four armed species that are capable of great fighting. They are at least seven to ten feet tall. They are too large to wear any type of clothing, so they instead wear underwear or females can wear a shokan undergarment which covers the groin area, but exposes the buttocks. It also slighly covers the breast but can still be seen. The Shokan are also known for their brutal nature and deadly combat skills. The Shokan wear very durable armor during wars and battles.


The Shokan were brutal savage's that invaded empires and tried to conquer everthing they could. This dates back to a really long time, but it's unknown when. During wars, they would be attacked by gods who tried to stop the Shokan, but even they were no match for the high endurance of a Shokan, as they just moved on to attack the next empire. After many wars, the Shokan seemed invincible as they destroyed large empires. But the god Zeus realized that if the Shokan were to destroy all empires, the human race would be extinct. Zeus then told one of the spirits to go into the spirit realm and destroy the Shokans spirits. This was when the Shokan started to die of "unknown" causes which soon demolished their population. The Shokan were offered a deal that if they would stop their wars, they would be given a large empire to run. They agreed to this, and thus, Kanica was made and their spirits were safe. They still keep their old habits, but with much less wars.

Male/Female Shokan Ritual[]

When a Shokan grows into a mature, developed adult, they must go through a ritual to prove they are ready. A male Shokan must go kill a foe much more powerful then they are to prove that they can fight like a warrior. These often tend to be a sorcerer or anyone with a magic power. Even gods who if killed, are looked upon as legends in the Shokan race. They then drink the blood of the tiger and become an adult. The female must leave herself naked for a week and drink the blood of her parents. If the blood doesen't kill her, she is immune to poison and is now an adult. If she dies, her body is thrown into the sea where her spirit is set free. If the male dies, his body is covered in serpent made armor and is buried at a graveyard.


The Shokan have a King and Queen who make decisions for Kanica. They're both taller than most Shokan, and the Queen has a much darker skin than most Shokan have. The prince and princess have some power over the kingdom, but not as much as the King or Queen. Kanica has a rich economy, and often do trade with rich kingdoms for armor and weapons.


The castle.