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Shattered Land is a forest like realm with lakes and waterfalls. The Realm can be reached by going to the middle of Atlantic Ocean; from there you can use a spell to open the gate, or you could be reached by a gatekeeper. The capital of all of Shattered Land is Sibyll.


Shattered Land was started by a man named Chrispher Polus. In the very start of the realm it was really called Pilfus, this was becuase of Chrispher's ex explorer Pilfus Rufus. Pilfus was a very communist realm and the people had no power; No Magic use, or No Job you wish to work. Pilfus left Chrispher when he found out that he was slaying innocent people just ammusment. Pilfus later died at the age of 50 due to a arrow wound. Local citizen's fought and killed Chrispher 5 years after Pilfus's death, this caused the land to become a monarchy.


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There are 2 gods in Shattered Land, one Goddess and one God. The Goddess of the Realm named Goddess Catlith is a Wind oriented god, she got her start being a god from training with her father who was a god himself. She accually rules a land as a statue in a graveyard of honorable graves. The God whos name is God Runath gave himself up to become the God of fire and rule the desert part of Shattered Land.


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The Beasts in Shattered Land is mostly Dragons, and Ironed Tutles, and other land creatures. There animals where here from day one as the people of the realm predict.


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The Flag of Shattered Lands.

There are four majorly large regions here; all these contain more then less diffrent types of land. The Forest region is nearest to the Gate to Shattered Land; The Forest Region is normally named the Gate Region.


The races in shattered land include.

  • Humans (English)
  • Dragons (Devilish)
  • Elfs (English/Elven)
  • Gatekeepers (All)

These Races can be found in all the regions shown above.

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