Constructed Mythology

part of the Orthyn realm

It is common belief that when a man dies on the battlefield, his soul is drained by the shadow beneath him, to join the building forces of the Shadow Dragon, Beyroth. Some argue that all mortallity is a direct consequence of the existence of this realm; its shadows ever draining.

In this realm there is no day and night, everything here wanders aimlessly in a soft twilight under an always clouded sky, which seems to take on the colour of the sands.

The Cities[]

The restless souls that are cast into this realm, due to an untimely death, are gathered together in the so called 'cities of the slain'. These gateless communities of spirits are the Shadow Realms equivalent of the temples in the true realm. The city walls reach high, they are bright white decorated with gold, as is the entire city. Fallen heroes stand here, at the barrier of the realms, awaiting their chance to return and so, to be released.

The Outskirts[]

Outside of the cities stretches an endless desert, where the beasts of Beyroth roam. More contraption than creature, these soulless, nightmarish things form the army of the shadow dragon. The desert itself consists of sand and rocks occasionally marked by a white, leafless tree. There are two colourings in this plain, which is the only navigational indication one may find. The reddish colour of the desert is called the ruby sands and the dark, purple colour is called the amythist sands. Both seem to flow into eachother, as if they were once mixing but then were turned solid.

Riddles and Trials[]

Just like the shadow dragon once was banished here, so can a human soul be captured. The cursed human, however, can overcome his or her imprissonement by solving a riddle. The riddle is different everytime and usually is hidden in the surroundings. If not solved, the person will wander the outskirts for all eternity where he or she might be devoured by the horrors of the desert, an eternal torture will ensue.