Constructed Mythology

Serveria is a tiny world dived into three Kingdoms. There are Four races; The Elves, The Humans, The Ogres, and the Vampires. The Elves and Humans live together, while the Vampires and Ogres share a continent.


In the early times, every life form and being lived together in peace and happiness. All the continents and islands were connected, until King Lawrence threw a revolution and split apart the world. Using the bizzend stone, a piece of forbidden magic, to make a gateway to the heavens, he utterly failed and split apart the land. In the mid times after the grate separation, the world fell in a war of uneven sides and no peace. Because they were so weak to the other cultures, the Elves and the Humans joined forces, and the world fell into an age called the age of the death. After peace was restored by a man named Sorace, it took nearly 11 years for the world to rebuild. Now in the present day Serveria is in an age of world re inhabitation. Hopefully an age of peace and friendship will revive the world, and everybody will be happy.

The Three Kingdoms[]

Name: The Kingdom of Elwyn Races: Humans & Elves Capital: Aspen Heights Continent: Elwyn

Name: Swamplind Race: Ogres Capital: Tovengrad Continent: Bartalamao

Name: Vampiriea Race: Vampire Capital: Red City Continent: Bartalamao

Important People[]

King John (Elwyn)

King Gillnet (Ogre)

Ronald the Cold (Vampire)

King Lawrence (Dictator)

Terra (The Religious Leader)