Constructed Mythology
Serah Annis Auriemma
Biographical Information

Kymir, Imperial Province, Siliwerian Empire

Date of Birth

322, Auriemma Calendar

Date of Death

387, Auriemma Calendar

Physical Description






Hair Color


Eye Color


Personal Information

Kingdom of Andrago, Velantino Family


Shadow From the East


Royal Family Member

Political Information
Position / Rank

Empress of the Siliwerian Empire

Current Affiliation

Siliwerian Empire

OOC Information

"She is crazy." - Eariel Larair

Serah Annis Auriemma (34 Lifesong 322 – 10 Coldwind 387) was Empress of Siliwerian Empire from 58 Sunpride 335 until her death. She also ruled as Princess of Andrago, Lady of Eledea, Lady of Cardinple, High Protector of Cape Alvadir, Honored Friend of Velantino Family, and Overseer of Northlands Beyond at various times during the same period. He was known as Red Empress, or Serah the Warden of North. By age 13, Serah was crowned the Empress due to Dembur XIII not having any male heirs. Serah did not received her Coming of Age name and so only have one middle unlike the old Eleduin emperors. Serah was not trusted as she was only a little girl with no military experiences, the people of Siliwerian Empire wasn't too thrilled when they heard the news that a little girl is crowned empress during the dire period and with Rhollu and Shadow From the South ravaging the empire. However, she was able to make significant moves against the Southron forces during the Siege of Kavaleon, resulting in Tayge Octawin's defeat and the destruction of whole Southron elite brigade.

Under her rule, the Siliwerians eventually defeated Rhollu during the first invasion of the Southrons, and the second one that have severely damaged the empire. Serah Annis Auriemma was like an immortal figurine that guided the Siliwerian army to battle and prevented them from losing. The Red Empress was finally killed during the rebellion of Eariel Larair at year 387, Auriemma Calendar. She was often described as "the most powerful woman in 300 years" and "Goddess of War" after her death.

Early Life[]

First Southron Invasion of the North: 333—351[]

Death of Dembur XIII

Becoming an Empress

Trouble on the Homefront

Siege of Kalaveon

Repelling the Southorns

Treaty with the Velantino

Octawin down the Pit

Honour, Triumph, and Slaughter

Echoes of the First War: 351—376[]

Aiding the Andragoshi

Imperial Court: Judging the Velantinos

Impending Doom

Second Southron Invasion of the North: 376—381[]

Crisis in the North

March of the Imperial Army

Eariel Larair and the Avengers[]

Empire Bay Showdown

Rhollu's Demise and Southorns' Downfall

Eariel Larair's Rebellion: 381—395[]

An Alliance Of Elves and Merchants

Ongoing Conflicts

Later life and Death[]