Constructed Mythology


The oldest of all religions in the sands, it is noted for the lack of rewards in the afterlife regardless of how well the human lives, as we are all but sand beneath the divine ones.

The Great One: He whose name is spoken only by the holiest of priests, the Great Lord commands thunder, the cosmos, the heavens, war, fate, the will of the spirits, and the sun. He can not go painted as no human can ever depict his image.

Saali'if: The goddess of spiders and night. She is responcible for chaos in this world, and demands great sacrifice else she'll unleast sand storms upon the world. It told when the end of the world comes her spiders will come in a great sand storm and poison all people.

Ajir: God of rogues and thievery, married to the goddess of war, he leads a fierce cult following. He is said to have even stole and ransomed the thunder bolts of the Great One at one time.

Unleel: The goddess of war, she is the sister wife of Ajir. She rows her boat of reeds in the organs and blood of the fallen in war, and enslaves their souls for all eternity.

Ghaalib: The great creator, he had created all gods from dust. It was the Great One who had strangled him nearly todeath and put him in his place.

Falcare: The obscure god of the sun, he is sometimes said to be even more powerful than The Great Creator, and even more powerful than The Great One, however why he serves and donated his power to The Great One is heavily debated.