Constructed Mythology

​​​​​Scarlet Dulaney Kingsley-Dynes is a main character and protagonist in the World of the Hourglass. She is a member and de facto leader of the Gators, a group of paranormal investigators living in Penn Abbey, Pennsylvania.


Scarlet is a tall and tanned girl of 19 years old. Her hair is dirty blonde and is often described as wavy. Scarlet's eyes are sea green in color and possess a piercing quality. She often wears either a smile or a determined look, and her voice is normally smoky but is sometimes said to be honeyed, especially whenever she is around those who annoy her.


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Scarlet is a very maternal figure, who nurtures and comforts those close to her. She is kind and bright with a seemingly docile disposition, but she is a fearsome fighter whose confidence and determination are her greatest virtues. 


  • Scarlet is a descendant of Alice Kingsley, a past guest of Vaecordia.
  • Her Verlaculan form is Renata, born from her anger.
  • Scarlet is based off both Hermione Granger from​​​ Harry Potter and Alice from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.
  • Her associated card deck is Spades, and her Tarot is Cups.
  • Scarlet's prime element is water.