Constructed Mythology

Rivenguard is the largest port city to be found on mainland Kaile. Built during the Expansion years its architecture is superb. The Harbor is entirely man made and has docks for thousands of ships, big and small. While it is a major point for trade and commerce, Rivenguard is also the base of the Haram Navy. Its whole perimeter is walled and guarded by a regiment of the 4th legion.

During the Haram War Emperor Evestin ordered the construction of two huge statues placed on the two islands guarding the entrance to the harbor. One of himself gazing into the distance while holding a flame outward in his palm and a sword at his side. The other is in the memory of Vederas, Evestin's father whom holds his head bowed, his hands clasped in front of him. The hands also hold a scroll.

It is believed that the statue of Evestin embodies the Haram love for forward expansion, and also he is a symbol of protection. Vederas symbolizes what was lost in the haram war.


(Both knowledge and life)

In its earliest forms, Rivenguard was simply a small fishing town and didn't appear to have a name whatsoever. After The Three kingdoms war, its strategical location allowed for better naval exploration and mobility, and so it was slowly grew into a fortress and was given the name "Riven", meaning river.

Then during the Buskan war for independence its naval capacity was expanded as more ships were needed closer to the front. After this point the name "Rivenguard" caught on as it was effectively the only barrier between The Buskan and Haram civilians in Avon. It played a major role in the Haram war as a deterrent for a naval invasion of Avon, despite this the area was invaded by sea during "The Burning of Avon" by Elven forces. Eventually it expanded onto some of the Eternity's larger delta islands allowing for even more ships to dock and the population to expand. Later as Mizzenguard was constructed, the "guard" portion of the name was copied as the other fortress was also protecting many of The Haram Empire's interests.

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"May the flame of Evestin guide you forward, and receive you warmly should you return" - a Haram "Bon Voyage"