Constructed Mythology

Rimamythos is a contructed mythology written in verse. Everyone is free to create new myths within it, but when a user creates a new myth, that user gets in charge of that myth as any other page. This page is kept in prose to hold its meaning clear, that is not the case for myths in the Rimamythos category. As an explanation on Rimamytos, this page also belongs to the PoliPolieses category. This also happens for Rimamythos/Images which explains why not to include any images in Rimamythos.

Torch Maiden

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There are several gods in it:

  • Dikstoom: God of poetry
  • Tegsmdom: God of poetry
  • Fodpapor: Goddess of poetry
  • Llemornar: Goddess of crafting
  • Vipkneor: Goddess of knowledge
  • Lelsolunom: The Sun
  • Selomunor: The Moon
  • Vooyoowooroo: The sky and weather
  • Haiksha: The embodiment of evil and the father of Hemre
  • Hemre:The taker of souls and son of Haiksha
  • Jamikrus:The Morning Star and husband of Keldukus
  • Keldukus:The Evening Star and wife of Jamikrus

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