Constructed Mythology
  1. Moon Elves
  2. Wood Elves
  3. Dark Elves
  4. High Elves
  5. Mountain Elves
  6. Glacier Elves
  7. Faemen
  8. Eastmen
  9. Men
  10. Venetari
  11. Lizardmen
  12. Gnome
  13. Orcs
  14. Goblins
  15. Üritoris (Oor-i-tor-us)
  16. Dawnlings
  17. Sudor Rin (also written as Sudorin)
  18. Orsimoran
  19. Reth


Some creatures that have societies or sometimes have societies, like Centaurs, are written about in Grisar's Bestiary along with other races such as giants, trolls, nephilim, and even races from other Planes.

Lorthien created the Moon Elves in the Divine Age and soon later Dwor followed suit by creating the Dwarves. The Wood, Dark, and High Elves are directly descended from the Moon Elves, while the dozens of other off-shooting Elves are descendants from those three fragment races. The Faemen were considered the first race of Men as they were descended from Elves and Dwarves, but they would later mix in with the migrating Men of the East to create the modern Men of Ethrand or just simply Men. Orcs are an offshoot of Moon Elves that were raised under harsh conditions and Goblins are a subrace of Orcs that have regressed even further in their societies. Venetari are a varied race that was created when Lorthien turned the god Jalos, who was a piece of Velii, into one in order to imprison him. Gnomes are a subrace of Dwarves that were driven deep underground after the War of the Mountains and they are unwelcoming and keep to themselves in deep caverns. Lizardmen likely migrated to Ethrand from the unknown southern realm, but it is also possible that they originated in the swamps of Tseckett.