Constructed Mythology

The world of Adyr consists of different races and civilization. Each races have their own set of beliefs and government. Some allied to others while other attacks some.

List of Races[]

  • Humans - are among the most dominant races on Adyr, beside being the most populous. With life spans generally shorter than the other races, humans strive all the harder to achieve great heights in empire building, exploration and knowledge. This aggressive and inquisitive nature lead the human nations to become active and influential in the world. Humans value virtue, honor and courage, though like all races they also pursue power and wealth. The humans have two dominant religion, the Worship the Moon Goddess, Madonna, and Kalimnism, worship by semi nomadic tribesmen. They are the dominant race of the Lunar League.There main concentration is at the top continent of Adyr which is Hanver.

List of Human Factions:

  1. Grand League of the Holy Moon
  2. Holy Order of St. Francos the Defender
  3. Sundquist
  4. Councilliate of Frebe
  • Tighearnachs - Resembling a cross between human and tiger, the hunched-over creature is roughly humanoid. Its body is usually covered in coarse, black and orange fur but some mutation cause some other form of coloration but the stripes remained the same, twitching claws, large two fangs and a long tail. The creature’s eyes are mottled yellow in color, unblinking and devoid of any discernible emotion other than hunger. Like humans, they are intelligent beings capable to build empires and thirst for knowledge. All Tighearnachs worship of the Sun God, Cadoc, but the six nation has its own patron demigods who are children of Cadoc. They are the dominant race of the Solar Union. There main domain is at the bottom continent, Darathorne.

List of Tighearnach Factions:

  1. Union of the Children of the Sun
  2. Whyclawn Clan
  • Anubites - are large brutish humanoid race native in the Desert Continent. Though usually neutral, some clans of the anubite have joined either the Solar Union or the Lunar League and adopted their religion, a sacrilege to other anubites.
  • Ganeshians - are humanoid rodent race whose home is found in the Ophir Forest, Darathorne but they can be found throughout Adyr. They are a staunch ally of the tighearnachs and had been a valuable help to them against the humans.

List of Ganeshian Factions:

  1. Forest Kingdom of Araphorr
  2. Razorheathe Vanguards led by Prime Blade Boipelo Uth Botha.