Constructed Mythology

Antelop demon royalty, turned his uncle’s succeeding empire into a bankrupt squalor (his uncle being Qurwok XVI Tie, the previous count who died in assassination.

Speculation abounds whether it was indeed Mal who organised it but it is unlikely as Mal was only 19 when it happened, and as Antelop demons can live for over 250 years, he was pretty darn young).

Mal corrupted his nation, not out of incompetence but by taxing the people thrice fold and spending the money on himself.

He established the short lived Yellow-Hounds army, who helped enforce his cruel laws.

He ruled with an iron fist for over a half century, during which he was thrown off his throne in a coup lead by his third wife. He had her assassinated, and regained the throne a month later.

He finally did hand over the throne in the year 201-AAR-3 to his 2nd niece (it is traditional for Antelop royalty not to bear children), in exchange for a small isolated corner county castle and corresponding dimension, and unlimited access to the kingdoms historical stockpiles.

He then joined this era’s incarnation of The Six , and has been a member for some time. He is what keeps The Six one step ahead of law with his vast knowledge.