Constructed Mythology

Quitustism is the art and religon of a mixture of Aethism and a bit of it's own twist.

Religish Figures[]

Their gods are just storys really.

Herosit-The god of creation and energy. Worshiped by all.

Guirl-the goddess of love and hate also, fire. She is usaly worshiped by men.

Huristcreull-the god of evilness, darkness also of light. Not worshiped

Henrytui- god of water and earth. Worshiped by woman.

Hotexy-the goddess of freeedom and joy also of beatuy. Worsphed by all


They beleive that their "god" Huristcruell cursed women. So, Males lock up all woman in the family in a cellar or a basement. Men strip them of their clothes (all except for undergarrments) and make them live their. Men, if go outside always weres a black. Women are only aloud out of the household three times a year. Holy Day, Day of the Dance, and a day of their choice.