Constructed Mythology

The title Prince of Cuxblade is given to the heir apparent to the Beolothoran throne. The title is not automatic; it merges into the Crown when a prince accedes to the throne, or lapses on his death leaving the sovereign free to re-grant it should another candidate qualify, such as an heir-apparent other than the eldest living son or daughter.

At present, no one in Beolothor holds the title although there has been rumors that king Bargon V intends to invest the title to his heir and daughter, Princess Fraunces Vasdand. If the heir apparent exists, the title is not given to the heir presumptive, whereas in the event of the lack of an heir apparent, the title can be (but is not necessarily) given to the heir presumptive.

The royal archives states that the title of Prince of Cuxblade were previously held by the Cuxblade family until it was passed on to the Lytfort family when Rovani Cuxblade married Prince Cadalso, who then became king Cadalso IV. Their son, Crown Prince Lemelino, became the first royal prince to be invested the title and the tradition to invest this title to the crown prince persisted till this present day.

Role and Responsibilities[]

As the title of the Crown Prince of Beolothor, the Prince of Cuxblade currently has no formal public role or responsibility that has been legislated by Circle of Nobles or otherwise delegated by the monarchy.