Constructed Mythology

Precognition and postcognition are two magical powers that can be possessed by almost anyone in Kintaria.


Precognition is the ability to see the future. There are several different levels of precognition each of which can manifest up to the highest level. This means that a Mid level Precog can have symptoms that match those of a Low Level Precog and the same with a High Level Precog.

Low Level[]

Low level precognition entails sensing or seeing something that is about to happen up to five minutes before the event occurs.

Mid Level[]

Mid level precognition entails getting flashes of what is to come for as many as three days before the event occurs.

High Level[]

High level precognition usually manifests as dreams or visions that can occur at any time before the event occurs.


Postcognition is the especially rare ability to view past events. The past events viewed will usually have something to do with an event that will occur in the present future. Levels of postcognition will manifest the same as those of precognition.

Common Terms[]

  • Precog - someone who has precognitive abilities
  • Postcog - someone who has postcognitive abilities
  • Clairvoyant - this term is usually used to describe people with both precognitive and postcognitive abilities but a Clairvoyant usually has a more wide range of abilities

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