Constructed Mythology

Thomas: Plants, but more evolved. In fact, they evolve us!

Ashley: They lower your life expectancy though.

Thomas: You seem to be the last of your kind though, so we wont let them change you.

Ashley: They'd never let you live, they'd think you were a minotour if they see you.

You: How do you know what that is?

Thomas: Cuz thats what they called us when we found your world.

Ashley: Yeah, we came to your world a while back.

Thomas: Just stay away from the plysers.

You: Why did you bring me here anyway?

Thomas: You have to save yourself from the plysers, you are the one who brought us here.

Ashley: Best to let me explain this:


Think back to the day we got you , this is what would have happened: You'd wake up and get dressed. As normal. Stuff like that. But at about 2pm in the post, you get a letter. It is addressed to you so you open it, and you've won a trip to some island. On that ship, however, you get shipwrecked. That got you to here- sort of. It was another dimension- your dimension. The one you are normally in. This island is just like the place your in now, but is a bit small cause it's just a lil island. Using a potion from the plysers you create an alternet dimension, which we are in now. Does that make sense?

You: Hm, i think it does!

Ashley: This is fifty years after.

You: Th- wait- yep. Makes sense.

Thomas: So we went back to just before the trip and got you so we could save you.

You: Yep, what killed me then?

Ashley: The plysers, you spent too much time with them and then just... died.

You: Oh.

Ashley: We can tell it was from the plysers though; there were thorns in your heart. That was only a month ago, you were immortal so you would live a long time. Too long according to the plysers. We wanted to have a real life god, but they killed you!

What now though?