Constructed Mythology


Planet Fujin was a planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri. It looked desolate on the surface, but below, many llife forms thrived. Fujin was home to a great civilization.

The Fujinese

The native species were the Fujinese. They had an advanced empire and were the most evolved of the sentient species. The Fujinese had three different subspecies of their species. These were the Kantan, who had blue skin and green eyes, The Shuka, who had green skin and purple eyes and the Jintaka, who had fuschia skin and brown eyes. The Kantan were trained as warriors to fight off the other sentients who often attempted to raid the Fujinese cities and villages. The Shuka were artisans and craftsman, designing and building the buildings and other things in the Fujinese cities. The Jintaka were trained as communicators to other races, negotiators who could make compromises and treaties between groups. These positions weren't set in stone, different group members could choose different professions, but many were content to carry on their group's job.

The Namokans

The Namokans were another species native to Fujin, slightly less evolved than the Fujinese, but nontheless they posessed a smaller civilization. The were crane like, however they had a humanoid torso. The Namokans frequently practiced dark magic and evil spells. They were a sadistic race, enjoying torture of the other beings they took. The Fujinese were very careful to guard themselves against the Namokans.

Bat Hawks

A very primitive race, the Bat Hawks were bat-like creatures who lived in caves that they hollowed out in the earth. The Bat Hawks had sharp teeth, strong claws and a hunting instinct. They would attempt to hunt down and eat any thing that passed their way. They did have a basic language, however, and used some tools for hunting, so they are classified as a sentient species.

Flora and Fauna


Few plants grew on Fujin, as it was a rather inhospitable planet for them, however, within controlled environments, the Fujinese created plants and gradually adapted them to the underground environment. Such examples were the Nuta, a tree which oozed a sap from its pores that was used for medicinal purposes. Many vibrant flowers were created as well, such as the glow blossom, which emitted a soft light from its petals. A group of Namokans stole an experiment in progress from the Fujinese and mutated the plant, using its roots in many of their potions.


Only a few species of animals existed on Fujin. Among these was a carnivorous vulpine species. Thhese creatures had silver fur and ate mostly smaller rodentine animals. Another species vaguely resembled an octopus that lived on land.