Constructed Mythology

Pirates often sails between the vast and different oceans of Adyr. They cause much havoc and destruction all over each continent. The different nation's military often clashes with them but the numbers of the pirates somehow never diminishes, somehow coming back to loot and pillage more lands around the coasts. They are mostly found at the Somasha Archipelago in Hanver and around the Desert Continent.

Pirates are multiracial: meaning it accepts any races as long as he will carry his own weight and will fight. Even some pirates accept both humans and Tighearnachs in their ranks without complicating their hatreds for each other.

Pirate Organizations[]

  • Black Sea Raiders - Leader: Captain Rasselas One-eyed
  • Felgorn's Pirates - Leader: Captain Felgorn the Tormentor
  • Sea Ravagers - Leader: Admiral Mircea Sharpeblade
  • Skull Ivory Fleet - Leader: High Admiral Luciano Patrides