Constructed Mythology

Pin-Pan are an interesting race who are famous for their recognizable builds and unique culture. Open and friendly to strangers, the generally carefree nature of the Pin-Pan has earned them the admiration of many.



Pin-Pan are a short people, rarely growing taller than 4 feet. In addition to their hight, Pin-Pan also have ample girth, which many scientists assume came as an answer to the chilling temperatures of their mountain homes. Fortunately, along with their size, most Pin-Pan have lots of understanding and humility. Males are usually much rounder than females, as well as slightly taller. All Pin-Pan have short, poofy tails and short, white fur. Occasionally, they will have dark grey patches of fur, usually around their eyes. Pin-Pan have short arms, which are often less useful than they'd like them to be. As such, Pin-Pan have become accustomed to using their large mouths to carry objects.


As one would imagine, food is intertwined with much of Pin-Pan culture. A Pin-Pan will eat most anything edible, though they prefer exquisite gourmet food to ordinary junk. While they do not spend a great deal of time creating their own recipes (they prefer to let other races do that part), they are remarkable critics, almost always offering suggestions to the chef. Surprisingly, female Pin-Pan tend to eat more than males, showing a genuine love for things that are truly delicious.

When two Pin-Pan enter a relationship with one another, they'll typically stay together for life and have one or two children. Of course, this is only because Pin-Pan are so picky when looking for the right mate that they'll reject many possible choices before they find someone. Often, two Pin-Pan will become mates after the male treats the female to an exceptional meal (in rare cases, the male will make the meal himself, showing just how devoted he is to his potential mate).

Pin-Pan absolutely love festivals. In fact, they love them so much that a Pin-Pan year is jam-packed with parades, holidays, banquets, celebrations, fireworks displays, etc. Plays and other sorts of dramatic arts are liked by all Pin-Pan, who are exceptional actors themselves. Traveling theater troupes in Fubadubia often contain a Pin-Pan or two.


Pin-Pan make their home in the cloudy peaks of the Schen-Sching mountains, as well as a nearby island known as Mazuruki Isle.

Notable Pin-Pan[]

Ne-Ne: The current empress of the Pin-Pan, Ne-Ne is young (only 16 in human years) but nonetheless respected by all as a wise and just leader. Ne-Ne is unique among Pin-Pan for many reasons. Her considerable size, large even by male Pin-Pan standards, and her interest in body piercings and tattoos makes her a very recognizable face among Fubadubian leaders. She is known as a free-spirited girl, believing strongly in the rights of her people. This trait acts as a counterweight to her easygoing nature and wonderful sense of humor.