Constructed Mythology
Pilfus Rufus

Pilfus Rufus.

Pilfus Rufus is a explorer, and co founder of the rs what realm Shattered Land.


He has brown long hair, and gray eyes. HIs taste in clothing effect his mood is on that day.


He has powers of all the elements, he also has a power to control peoples minds.


His weekness is other people who can read, or manipulate minds.


He has a magical sword, this magical sword has a ruby in the top of the blade to add that fire attack to his swings.

Allies and Enemies[]

Chrispher Polus, and his father.


He was born in a poor family, his family also was very violent and beat him weekly. When he turned 21 he went with Chrispher Polus to explore. One day while exploreing the Atlantic Ocean, they stumbled upon a gate and a gatekeeper in front of it. When they killed it they went inside and explored and made a castle. He died at the age of 50 due to a arrow wound to th

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