Constructed Mythology

Pentenshi are generally regarded as the tricksters of the Shapeshifting communities. Although they are not above playing petty tricks on friends and family, most Pentenshi would rather make an honest living.

Pentenshi have very strong family ties but are equally comfortable without members of their family around. That said, it should be noted that a lone Pentenshi will often create their own family groups among their close friends. It is very unwise to harm a member of a Pentenshi family as they are very vicious when it comes to protecting their own and exacting revenge.

Although it is obviously common for fox and raven blood to mix and both traits are inherent in crossbreeds, one form or the other is usually chosen to serve the individual as their main second form.

Mixed Blood[]

The Pentenshi have mixed with a pair of the Sorcery Lines but those born of these lines do not consider themselves to be Pentenshi.


The Raven half-form is a pair of wings growing from the human-form's back. These wings are the size they would have to be to support a human in flight.

The Fox half-form is a man-sized fox that can walk comfortably on its hind legs.

A combined half-form is the Fox half-form with the Raven's gigantic wings sprouting from its shoulders.

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