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Pegasus is an creative encyclopedia where you can write fantasy myths from your own inspiration, including mythical realms and legends of heroes, enchantresses, gods, muses, elves, nymphs, dragons, fairies, chimeras, etc.

This encyclopedia includes works by mythology lovers and fantasy fans that enjoy creating whole mythologies, fairy tales, roleplaying stories and even fantasy video game ideas.

You are also invited to explore and comment the current realms and mythologies.


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Fantasy Fairon
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Fantasy Vashcess Isle
Fantasy Kandarlon
Fantasy The Wold



Game Ideas: Alros and the Torch of Skies

Alros and The Torch of Skies is a video-game-idea. Its setting is the fantasy realm of Dream of Light. It begins when Alros met one of the Fairies of Skies named Fairy Brilea when he was nine years old. He was playing in the Blue Fountaine when he discovered a little altar between the rocks, with a little sculpture of a fairy...

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Sagas: Giant Dragon

The Giant Dragons were a family of dinosaurs from the cretaceous. They lived in volcanoes, drinking lava as ambrosia to become remain alive forever. They protected the Ardent Medallion of the goddess of fire and of volcanoes. However, the chaos of the cretaceous extinction and the rain of comets destroyed their kingdom, and only four survived. The medallion of the goddess was lost, and the four last giant dragons went to sleep into their dieng volcanoes, expecting their death at any moment. They were woken by Helena...

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