Constructed Mythology
Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You look around, it is a beautiful palace. Golden torchs illuminate the environment, and they release a sweet perfume that calm you down. But you can not be too much calmed, with all those lion-like, wolf-like and bear-like humanoids looking at you. You see soldiers with long sword, but you can notice they do not even need those sword as long as they hang really deathful fangs and claws.

You: Thats kinda hard to explain, I think i'm from the past.

Male: He is

King: Kill him

Female: WHAT!?

Male: Seriously!?

King: He's a time traveller! He's probably got a prehistoric weapon

Male: NO!


King: Hold on now, you're gonna get yourselves killed!

You: I... can... just leave cant I?

King: Hmm, i think i'll just baanish the three of you.

You: Why are they a part of this? why not just banish me?

Female: Look, we got him here, just...

Male: Lets just go.

King: Agreed!

Run away and never look back or attempt to fight?