Constructed Mythology

His Majesty, the Prince Orionis Eridanus Gemini of Clock Kingdom I was a human male born in 1564 to Salvevrous and Aegialeus Gemini. He was their first born child and became heir to the Clock Kingdom throne. Orionis had naturally purple hair due to his mother’s exposure to Neo-Chronal Radiation. His eyes, however, were a deep brown. From an early age, Orionis obsessed over the native wildlife in Clock Kingdom such as deer, wild rabbits, and the chronal swallow.


At just over a year old, Orionis’ sister Asteria was born. She shared similar physical traits to his brother. At age 3, his younger brother Elpidius was born. Orionis’ fascination with nature lasted until he was 5. At five, his father, Salveverous, gifted him the Chronal Dissolution Watch, allowing him to alter the space-time continuum. Salveverous took caution with this, and gave Orionis careful schooling about the watch and what he can do with it. Some things Orionis could now do is teleport, disappear, shoot energy, jump higher, fly inside of a cloud, and leap through time.

Throughout all his schooling, Orionis rarely traveled outside the walls of Hollowcrest. This prompted Orionis to be socially awkward and, in turn, cocky. It took until he was 14 to really straighten out his attitude. By 15, Orionis had owned the special ring for a decade and was able to use it skillfully and, to his family’s dismay, trickily. Playing pranks was one of Orionis’ hobbies.

Starting at age 17, Orionis received his own horse named Rogmi. He and Rogmi traveled throughout the Kingdoms as far east as Skotein and the Mage Colonies. Most of his excursions brought him to Grissburg, formerly Human Kingdom. Grissburg was one of two parts of Human Kingdom. The other part, Kinsbury, was on an island away from the mainland. Some of his interactions included establishing treaties, searching for suitors, studying magical scrolls, and just simple exploring.

His exploring life was brought to a halt for 2 years as he was drafted into the Clock Kingdom army to colonize Africa and fight against revolting natives. After the colony of Clock Coast was fully established and self-sufficient, Orionis returned home to his family.