Constructed Mythology

The Order of the Red Hand is the oldest military order in Cikira as well as an advising body and the King's Guard. It was established as military unit in that country before finally assembling a permanent army. All of its Knights and Lords are treated as nobles and can be appointed in military or civilian post. The membership of the order is open to anyone, from peasants to the highest noble. The current King's Lieutenant is Lord Geraint the Champion.


The name Red Hand came from the early tradition of the Knights to wear red gloves during battle. Today the Knights honored this tradition by having an emblem of red hand in their shoulder arm.


The order was founded in the year 269 by Amandus, a wandering Knight. The main purpose of the order is to provide safety and protection around the borders of the country. At that time, there Cikiran Army just consists of peasant militia who can scarcely protect their, much less the Kingdom. Amandus, who swore service to Cikira's monarchy, volunteered to make an order of Knights in service to the monarchy and the country.

He immediately trained volunteers into an army of Knights and he himself assumed the position of leadership as King's Lieutenant, meaning the leader of the Order. The order swell in numbers as they fought countless bandits and rogues throughout the country.

They were the fighting force of the Cikira until the twelfth King of Cikira, Sandro IV, established a professional Cikiran Army. He then manages to relegate the Order to an advising body as well as the King's bodyguard in 378 but it was compensated by making them nobles and members of the court.


The overall commander of the Order is the King's Lieutenant which is assisted by a council of other knights called Hand Precepts. The King's Lieutenant and the council provides the executive authority and enforces the rules of the order.

The order is separated into four regular grades with their subsequent ranks categorized:

  • Initiate
    • Scout
    • Soldier
  • Knight
    • Knight Lieutenant
    • Knight Captain
  • Knight Lord
    • Knight Commander
    • Knight General
  • Hand Lord
    • Hand Centurion
    • Hand Precept