Constructed Mythology

Onith il'Dar, one of the Haram Empire's most brilliant military minds.


Onith is old, relatively short and sometimes grumpy looking. Don't underestimate him!

Allies and Enemies[]

Onith is one of General Elin's greatest enemies.


Of the Katarian Family "Dar"


Onith was the rich Grandson of a Three Kingdoms War war Veteran, to be precise one of the heroes of The Battle of the Copper Plains. Onith grew up with his Grandfather (as his parents were deceased) and, when old enough learned the way of the sword. Yet Onith was clumsy and flatfooted with almost any weapon put within his grasp. As a result, his Grandfather wrote a letter to the Imperial Government requesting a general's training school. Of course, none existed so, with much of his family fortune and a grant from the Emperor, an academy was built. Though coincidentally his Grandfather died soon after. Following his grand sire's last wish he attended the school and took the first steps towards becoming a General. It was soon obvious that Onith had a natural talent with maps and papers, and he proceeded to outsmart his teachers. With the beginning of the Pre-War years and the order for the Supreme Commanding Generals Onith immediately signed up. After a month or so of deliberation, Onith was elected as one of the Supreme Commanding Generals, along with Ranth and the diplomatic expert (Yet to be named). Onith developed a friendship with Ranth and both coordinated the early stages of the war with his new friend.

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