Constructed Mythology

 Nvarjan is the land of the living properties. The people of Nvarjan have vested all of their values into a magical field that creates beings out of them. These beings are not born of the field, but their birth is caused by the field. There are very few species on Nvarjan. There are the humans, the reptilais, the hippomai, the ichthy, the flyers, and of course the Values. Those who are children of Values and humans are the most powerful, as they do not lose power if people dislike them.


    The v in Nvarjan is pronounced in between a v and a w. The j is pronounced zh, and is likely to come out as more of a y sound. When saying Nvarjan, don't resist the throaty tone, but don't force it either. It will come naturally because of the sound of the word.


     Nvarjan was founded by Phusei, a Sildansi of Akira. He and the Sildansi he had come with put all of their powers together to make the Field. They then all became human, but they could take power from the field when it was given to them. Phusei's daughter, Phusa, and the spirit Arch, had Keikrophus. Keikrophus became the first high king. He had two children, Necrophus and Kleptophus.