Constructed Mythology

             The world was created by one god. His name was Unvorl, god of the earth. He created the plains, the mountains, and the oceans. He then created the Land of the dead. After he created the world he cut off his hands and out of his right hand came out Doblier, goddess of life and Gorl, god of death. Out of his left hand came out five cyclops, five death tigers, and five Hemors.

           Eventully the humans and animals were created. Gorl had started to rule the Land of the Death. He had created the two Deamons out of two corpse. They had been givin bat wings with fangs. They were soon known as the worst monsters in the land of the dead. Gorl had also taken three humans and made them three gods. Aklen turned into the goddess of the dark. Theintion turned into the goddes of terror and Mortian turned into the goddess of pain.

           Gorl and Doblier then had their children the seven titans. Zorter, titan of time. Evor, titan of war. Lalt, titan of light. Morse, titan of water. Alied, titaness of the family. Falth, titaness of night and Nith titaness of day. The titans ruled the world for a thousand years, then came the gods sons and daughters of Zorter and Alied. 

         The daughters were born first and were locked in a cave guared by the five Hemors. When the sons were born they were so powerful they escaped from their mother and ran to a secret island to hide until they were old enough to fight the titans. 

         The gods had made their weapons on the island. Amon god of monsters and the land of the death had created the knife of death. Once someone touched the knife they would die with in five seconds. Titor, god of the ocean, had created the sea staff. A staff that had all the power of the sea. Pedesion, the god of the sky had created the lightning sword. A sword that had the power to produce the most powerful lightning bolts in the world.

       Together the three gods freed their sisters and went to defeat their father. The war began. The titans fought with the gods, the world was being destroyed. The titans then sent the worst monster their father had made Rellion. The giant mad out of storm clouds and father of monsters. The gods could barley make out his face. With luck the gods did win.