Constructed Mythology

The Noberatorship of Hamer is one of the nober in the province of Zetahia of Bapuria. The provincial capital of this nober is Dilshad. The current Noberator of Hamer is Athol VIII.

List of Noberators of Hamer[]

As Smiogeon[]

  • Heilwig I
  • Heilwig II
  • Mairson I
  • Femorth I
  • Heilwig III
  • Mairson II
  • Femorth II

As Monifa[]

  • Udgren I
  • Udgren II, the Ambitious
  • Mortger

As Elian[]

  • Sciarro I
  • Sciarro II
  • Sciarro III
  • Sciarro IV
  • Sciarro V, the Strong

As Hamer[]

  • Athol I
  • Athol II
  • Athol III
  • Athol-Lanken I
  • Athol IV
  • Athol V
  • Athol VI
  • Athol VII
  • Athol-Lanken II
  • Athol VIII

Heir Apparent: Ferund of Hamer (born 4 August, 1003)