Constructed Mythology

The Noberatorship of Gormause is one of the nober in the province of Qzores in Bapuria. The provincial capital of this nober is Ferrill. The current Noberator of Gormause is Marcus I.

Lists of Noberators of Gormause[]

As Arthem[]

  • Femorth I
  • Charran I
  • Femorth II
  • Femorth III
  • Charran II
  • Charran III
  • Femorth IV

As Littlebales[]

  • Cherwell I
  • Cherwell Serub I
  • Cherwell Serub II
  • Semyon I
  • Deruch I
  • Semyon II
  • Semyon III
  • Deruch II
  • Cherwell II

As Heroz[]

  • Kremon I
  • Kremon II
  • Kremon III
  • Kremon IV
  • Kremon V

As Gormause[]

Heir Apparent: Aurelius of Gormause (born 12 August, 999)