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Nim the Wanderer is a MuttHuman Cloudarian (meaning roughly 33% humanlike) who is mainly notable for being the third oldest Cloudarian still living (as of 11,762 PD) and for his many published volumes of Nim Wanders: A Journey Across Tersommia, better know as Journey Across Tersommia. Outside of the fictional universe, Nim's Journey Across Tersommia is the original story of which Tersommia is told through. Therefore, Nim is the main character of the autobiographical books and all of Tersommia is told through his perspective.

Physical Description[]

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Early Biography[]

Because Cloudarians are neither asexual or sexual, It could be argued Nim has either one, two, or three parents depending on interpretation. Nim was conceived when a Cloudarian named Linous and a HalfHuman Cloudarian named Samson combined their bodies into a new being they named Nimbus. Nimbus is a common name among lower class Cloudarians. On 10,821 PD, Nimbus quickly split into two creating Both Nim, the same Nim this page is dedicated to, and Bus. Bus could be interpreted as another parent of Nim, the only parent or simply his brother. It should be noted that Bus tried to kill Nim hardly a minute after they split so that Bus could consume Nim. Nim was faster than Bus and escaped. In Journey Across Tersommia, Nim admits to having nightmares of Bus killing him quite often, even after the hundreds of years he has lived. Nim doesn't know if Bus ever died and is convinced that Bus might still be out to kill him.


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Nim has abilities equal to any MuttHuman Cloudarian.


Nim has weaknesses equal to any MuttHuman Cloudarian.

OOC Information[]

Nim, and This page itself were created and started by Tersommian respectively.

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