Constructed Mythology

Nighas is a very collective world with a lot of history. Nighas is also filled to the brimstone with stories and great ruins that stretch to the farthest reaches of the universe. here's the world:


???-120,019 BM - The creation of the world

110,926 BM - Birth of the Aldris

108,923 BM - Birth of the Sindrins

98,019 BM - Birth of the Droumon

69,028-54,918 BM - War of the Races

23,918-12,819 BM - Dark Ages

9,918 BM - Birth of the Humans

7,829-4,901 - War of the Races II

3,019 BM - Birth of the Drows

2,019-0 BM - War of the ancients

1 MA - Birth of Magick

128 MA - Current date

MA= Magick Age BM= Before Magick


There are a total of six gods who govern the world:

  • Byrjun
  • Galdur
  • Feguro
  • Strio
  • Dauoa
  • Vondur

These gods are all part of the main religion.There are countless other gods that are spreaded all over the globe.


There are many countries of which I cannot list here, but instead it is listed here.